Frequently Asked Questions


A.     Know about Posticker


1.       What is Posticker?

Posticker- the generation next platform to speak your heart out and know what others think of it . It is an opinion based platform where one can raise, share, ask, express and conclude opinions that matter to them. Get started with an easy login step, follow individual, corporate, entities, celebrities and communities you look up to and commence posting. You can even get responses from your followers on the question you post. Posticker offers a wide arena of category to choose from, ranging from Politics to Entertainment where you can post your opinions. World is the limit, so paint your thoughts on this canvass through us.


2.       How Posticker is useful?

Posticker is useful as you can voice your opinion to the world, Be Heard. Explore the things people are talking about, Be Aware. Receive feedback of others, Be Analytical.


3.       What is a ticker?

Ticker is a thought or an opinion that people float on Posticker to express and get other users’ views on it.


4.       Do I need anything special to use it?

No, you just need a smartphone/laptop with a valid internet connection.


5.       Why should I use Posticker?

If you like to be heard by the masses & be a person who influences opinions of others then no other reason required.



6.       What is the time limit of using Posticker?

You can use Posticker for the total of one hour in a day, which makes it a perfect addiction to have.


B.      New User FAQs

7.      How to create a ticker?

In order to create ticker, enter title and description and then select category followed by the sub-category. Select your audience/public/private/communities/groups. You can add photos, links and videos relevant to your ticker. And finally select the options of answering – Agree/Disagree, star rating or writing the opinion. Your ticker is ready to float.


8.       To whom my Tickers are visible?

The followers, followings and categories that you are a part of can view the tickers that you post if your setting is personalized. Otherwise tickers are public by default which can be seen by anyone who holds interest in that category/sub-category.


9.       How do I start following the people or categories of my choice?

Following people has been made very effortless on Posticker. Once you sign in, a pop up will appear from where you can choose the person of your choice. You can even directly search for someone through the direct search option, where you can search users, ticker(s) and #tags.


10.   Is there any option through which I can post my tickers on other social networking site too?

Yes, you can do that very conveniently by using the share option that enables you to share your tickers or opinions on Facebook, Twitter ,LinkedIn, Whatsapp, SMS, mails or Google+ and many other platforms.


11.   Can I post videos and photos too?

You can easily attachmultiple photos or related videos and links with your opinion to relate it much better.


12.   What is shown in the quick view sections?

Since time is essence, this section exhibits the top performing tickers of the day which a user can participate in either of the formats of-like or dislike or select options or give rating. It is basically a brief of all the top tickers that lets you know what is hot on the Posticker and be aware of the current issues in a jiffy.




13.   What is the purpose of multiple options in Posticker?


The benefit of giving multiple options in Posticker is that you can list out the most probable answer from which the followers can pick one, make an informed decision and conclude an opinion.



14.   Is there any payment that I have to make while creating my account?

No, you don’t have to pay anything while creating your account on Posticker. It’s just that you can enjoy using it only for an hour in a day for the moment, which may change from time to time.


15.   What is Title and Description?


Title is the heading of a ticker consists of 100 characters including space and description is to elaborate the title in 100 words.



16.   How do I find people to follow?

Just search the people by their names or by their unique name/ user name on Posticker.



17.   What is Activities in Profile?

Activities are all the things you have done on Posticker like responding to any ticker, expressed any opinion, following people, changing the display picture or the cover photo, activities on posts participated by a user etc. All activities that may relate closely with each user on the basis of his experience on the platform.



18.   What is following?

Following is a tab which gives you the list of people to whom you are following.



19.   What are followers?

Followers is a tab which gives you the list of people who are following you. You will be able to receive all the activities of your followers on your timeline and notification.


20.   Once I start following someone, can I stop?

Yes, you can simply stop following the concerned person by hitting the “Unfollow” button on their account.



21.   Can I stop following somebody suddenly?

Yes, you can anytime unfollow the account you do not wish to follow anymore.


22.   What are follow limits?

There are no limits to the number of people you can follow on Posticker, so you have no restrictions.


Speak To Us

23.  How do I contact you for any suggestions, queries or feedback?

We would like to hear from you. For any queries feel free to contact. You can reach us through email at


24.  Posticker Glossary


1.       @username

It is the unique identity of yours which would serve as an address to you on Posticker.

2.       # Hashtags

Hashtags categorizes your tickers so that other people can find your thoughts

3.       Bio

A short description about you so that your followers know you better

4.       Quick View

When you are in a hurry & just want to browse top tickers in a brief manner

5.       Favorite

Something that amuses you and you want it to be in your kitty of Favorites

6.       Follow button

Thing that helps people to receive tickers from the person they Follow.

7.       Profile photo

Your virtual avatar that shows people who you are.

8.       Cover photo

A cover photo is the larger photo at the top of your profile.

9.       Category

For Posticker, Category is the broader subject to which a certain ticker belongs to.

10.  Sub Category

Subcategory is the a certain topic of interest from the broader subject i.ectegory

11.  Title

The 100 character headline you want to give to your ticker

12.  Description

The 100 words description you give to explain your ticker