PosTicker - Express your opinion !!!

Do you have opinions on everything?

Do people come to you for knowing your views on everything? Do you like influencing people by showing your point of view? If yes, then Posticker is for you, especially for you. Posticker (At D Rate Posticker ERA Pvt. Ltd.) gives you a platform to speak to the entire world. We have created a virtual stage with a Microphone & speakers so loud that the entire world can hear you. Express yourself in words, words of wisdom, words of humor, words of you. The best thing Posticker ensures is that the communication remains two-way, you just don’t push information you get feedback from others, just like a real time conversation. So what are you waiting for, grab the Posticker speaker & let the whole world listen.

Your opinions, your thoughts matters. Just ticker them.

It’s really important to voice your opinion & thoughts as they eventually do change the society and even you will feel better if you express yourself & let the feelings out. This innovative & fun micro blogging site lets you choose the way you want to receive the feedback on your Posticker. You can also upload pictures & videos apart from words. Knowledge is a never ending process, we at Posticker understand the same, we have kept the hashtag feature active so that you easily search what people are thinking on a particular issue. Apart from individual interest, Posticker can be very well used to get the nerves of the people by an uncanny process for getting analytics basis various criteria which is literally impossible to collate through any other source.

Our Vision & Mission

We at Posticker aim to empower people. We want to make sure public consensuses are genuine. Posticker gives everybody an opportunity to raise their voice & a fair share to everyone for reacting on the same. We value your opinion, be heard, post it.